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Photojoiner's mission is to build the best online collage making tool.

To keep us inline with out mission statment we follow set of rules that we value the most.
  1. User feedback matters
  2. To be the best Collage Maker tool, photojoiner wants to provide unmatched value to it's users. We value our users. They are our motivation to grow. When we want to improve or add new features to our site we look into our feedback forum and emails. Most of the features you see on Photojoiner are distilled out of user feedbacks or emails.
  3. People don't like waiting
  4. We know how frustrating people get when webpages take long time to load. That is the reason that good portion of our site reside in client side (User's Browser). We benchmarked our index page at 700ms average load time and our editor at 2.0s (Test carried out on Google Chrome with Cache disabled)
  5. Get to the point
  6. We all have experienced websites that misguides users. You click on one thing and something else happen. It irritates. Photojoiner's goal is to provide best user experience. We hired web designers and UX designers to analyze our site and refine it so that at any page on our site people know exactly how they got there and where should they go next.
  7. Focus on one thing and do it better than everyone else
  8. Our sole goal is stated on our mission statement. We just want to be the best Collage maker on the web, nothing more nothing less. To pursue this we consistently work hard, employ new technologies, and optimize our code base.
We continuously review our values to achieve our mission. We are open for any advice, suggestions or criticism you may have.

About us

We are bunch of engineers with a zest to create cool tools. We are based in Toronto. If you want to meet us, just drop us a message at [email protected]

Last Updated: January 12, 2016